Ice Sculptures Perth has been in the industry for over 10 years now. We have provided quality ice sculptures to the Australian Royal Air force, Navy, Shires, Municipalities, Hotels, businesses, catering companies and private functions. People trust us with making their event the talk of the town. Having an ice carving has the desired effect of making people hold their breath and gaze as it melts changing form and becoming more and more beautiful. The ice carvings also are a highlight with selfies. We only hear great things from clients who hear about the ice sculpture for weeks to come from their friends.

Your Artist/ Ice Carvers:

Jenna Lee - (Aka) The Ice Queen
Has a passion for carving ice! She has a background in art and painting. She has a nack for perspective and takes the time to make her sculptures look great. Jenna has done sculptures like the dragon scull form Game of Thrones, A very good-looking pair of ice legs, and the numerous wedding swans. Swans mate for life and are the inspiration behind her design having a heart as the 2 come together. Jenna loves what she does and is eager to help you.

Quinton (Aka) Bigfoot
Quinton is a great ice carver who is self-taught and worked hard to impress. He has done some of the most interesting ice carvings and loves a challenge. Anything from an emu to a biplane is something he gets excited about. eating sleeping and occasionally drinking ice sculpting. With Quinton, you are assured of getting an ice carving that will wow you and those who attend your event. He is also a life coach, wedding celebrant, and has a love for fishing and family.
Ice Sculptured Perth is committed to working with you to see that you have a breathtaking sculpture at your next event that will be the talk of the town! 

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